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มีผู้ชม 904 ครั้ง
จานรับสัญญาณ wifi เล่นเน็ตได้ทุกที่ฟรี ๆ หรือรับเน็ตไวเลสได้ไกลขึ้นไม่ต้องเดินสาย
ปกติ : 2,900.00
ลดเหลือ : ฿2,000.00 THB

Wifl plate 5000G 2011 hot wifi lan card F High Power 1000mw Wireless WIFI USB adapter,high power wifi lan card 5PCS


USE this device , you can unclock other wireless router secret code, and use other wireless data freely !!! realy fantastic !!!  
only us , who  can provide you the english manual !!!


This wireless lan card is 2011 hot sale  and it is new goods of 5000G . This high power card  has high power and high wensitivity.further,it provides an external antenna which can easily advance your distance and performance more flexible. To protect your wireless connectivity,the high-speed wireless USB adapter can encrypt all wireless transmissions through 64/128/256-bit WEP data encryption and also supports WPA.With the High-Speed Wireless USB Adapter ,you will experience the best wireless connectivity available.
Connects at a full 54Mbps High Speed Transter Rate for 802.11g.
Detachable antenna with RP-SMA connector – upgradeable to a higher power antenna for a wider wireless coverage.
High Output Power up to 1000MW(27 dBm)for extend the coverage range up to 5x than standard USB adapters
Operating distance of up to 5000 meters in free space
Plug-and-Play compatible with all computers.
Software AP function,suppoert PSP,X-Link,QoS,WMM
High security 64/128/256bit WEP Encryption, TKIP,WPA,802.11



ISM 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b / g 
DSSS / OFDM technology 
Global transmission distance furthest wifi wireless card 
Ultra-high cost 
Detachable antenna can be a separate external high-power antenna 
11/54 wireless local area network (software adjustable) 
The actual rate up to 22Mbps over 
NIC receive mode over distances up to 3000 meters (depending on environment) 
Output power of 50mW to 500mW (automatic adjustment) 
WEB simplify the use of web-based management 
Wide operating temperature from 0 to 55 ° C 
Supported 802.1x Authentication System 
 MAC Address Control 
Supporting wpa-psk, wpa2-psk, wpa 802.1x, wp2 802.1x, wep 64/128 bit 

Support any common operating system, including the windows98SE/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/CE/MAC/LINUX 

Baby List: 
1. High-power wireless network card
2. Color packaging, warranty card, network card driver
3. With magnetic ring USB data cable /
4.10DBI Antenna 1
5.BT3 CD 1 + Tutorials

สนใจติดต่อ ตี๋ 0867887859 / 0866099957